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The Order of the StormCraft

Midwinter Storm

The Order of the Stormcraft
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This is the Offical Livejournal community of my band, Midwinter Storm.
It's open to everyone interested in what's going on with the band, members, upcoming shows, etc. Please don't post anything negative, idiotic, or irrelevant to the band, or I will ban you, simple as that.
I am very proud of my band, and if you do choose to harshly slander me or my music, I have gone to lengths of documenting users' IP addresses and sending them viruses-- so you see how serious I am. I can take constructive criticism, just know where to draw the line.

Feel free to read my Journal and visit our site. We also have a myspace, http://www.myspace.com/midwinterstorm, where you can listen to and download a few of our songs. I update it peiodically, so there may be different songs one day.

Now that the technical jargon is out of the way,
Midwinter Storm is:

Thorn (Me) -- Vocals, Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums and Percussion, Synthesizers and Grand Piano, Violins, Flutes

That's pretty much it.

I am a solo artist at the moment, but there have been other members (see site for full history.)

I started this community because I will be doing shows soon, and I wanted to keep everyone up to date.

Midwinter Storm has been around since 1999 and I have single-handedly written over 103 songs (see site for full CD and track info) by myself.

I am also looking to audition different musicians in my area, so please tell me if you're interested.

Some of my influences include: Arcturus, Mozart, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Aleister Crowley

As far as "what kind of music it is", I couldn't answer that with a two to three worded response. If I had to, I would call us "Avant-Garde Funeral Ambient Doom Metal", but we are often darker than most bands in that genre, but not insanely heavy, and each song has signifigance, whether spiritually or inside a story. Basically, it's within the opinion of the listener. Decide for yourself.

When you join the community, fill out the application. Nothing vital to your acceptance, I just want an idea of who is entering:

Where I heard about Midwinter Storm:
What I like about Midwinter Storm:
Favorite song(s) by Midwinter Storm:
Play an instrument?

Enjoy Midwinter Storm, I love support and feedback, so be sure to praise, ask questions, comment, etc.

Darkly Oscure,

(P.S. ενόχληση is greek for my name-- Thorn)

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