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News n'such [Jul. 16th, 2005|11:30 am]
The Order of the Stormcraft
[If it's not Midwinter Storm, than it's probably.... |Marduk-- Jesus Christ... Sodomized]

Well, the next CD is coming along well, and is sure to confuse everyone. I'm certain I'll have everyone wondering if I'm switching genres again, but it's all in the name of experimentation.

A while ago, I tried to upload "A Night in Purgatory" on myspace and it didn't work, but it's there now, so go to http://www.myspace.com/midwinterstorm for audial enlightenment.

I've gotten CD requests from Sweden, the UK, and Peru! That's nuts. The ironic thing is, no one here really knows about me, but whatever, there really isn't a market for Pagan Folk Music in America. I'll be mailing copies of Desolation's Rest off to Europe, and some of the recipients are CD reviewers for websites and magazines, so it will do great things for my publicity.

Don't forget, I'm on http://www.doom-metal.com and http://metal-archives.com, go look if you have not, and be sure to read the review for Desolation's Rest on the Metal Archives.

I thought this was interesting; a bit of fan mail on myspace ^__^:

"well ive only heard a few of your song so far since i just found you but what i like about the 3 you have on your page is they all place me in a different setting when i listen to them...of course what you intended and what i got could be completely different but here goes...
the first song puts me in the basement of some dark decrepid house...staring at a not so long dead girl....i havent figured out yet whether or not im the one who killer her but my guess is i just watched.
the second is almost a theme song for some horror movie from the 80's that would have a hitchhiker in it...i imagine knives and tupperware containers in his napsack...and he is wearing lipstick(pink)
the third sets me in a dream...where everytime i try to grasp ahold of something around me it dissapates and im left with nothing to hold on to.
they are quite lovely pices of music. i appreciate the fact that you actually let people download them...in this day and age everyone is so stingy.
but anyhow pleasant dreams.
oh and uh let me know if you can see my interpretations in your songs...
i like the last song best so far by the way."

It's obvious her and Greg learned to type at the same place. XD

But I thought that was really interesting. Kudos, Leslie.

Well, since only 2 people participated, the winner for my "Choose the cover" contest was Audrey, so I'll be covering "Something Rotten" by Placebo because communism is real. Ick.

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Don't listen to industrial, it's for dumbasses and people in Ft. Lauderdale with no taste.

Ok, that's the news. I'll update again shortly.

Horns Raised High,
Thorn E.V. MMV

From: _razorbladesins
2005-07-16 05:24 pm (UTC)
To hell with the elipses.
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